Because of the ban on the collection of data about religion in metropolitan France (the last official census of religious affiliations dates back to 1872), official statistics (from INSEE, INED) do not provide the sociodemographic structure of people of the Jewish faith. In this context, Ifop chose to isolate a sub-sample of 505 French people declaring to be of Jewish faith or culture, apart from the cumulative representative national samples corresponding to a total of 33,670 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over. The representativeness of the cumulative sample was ensured by the quota method (sex, age, occupation of the respondent) after stratification by region and type of agglomeration.

Institute Ifop
Sample size 1,027 (general public); 505 (French people of Jewish faith or culture)
Age of respondents 18 and up
Duration of survey 14th October to 19th November 2019
Mode of administration Sample interviewed either on the Internet or face-to-face
Number of questions 12
Country France
Administrated Language French

The data is available here.